Buying Curtain Fabric With A Budget In Mind

Bespoke curtains can be quite expensive, especially if you opt for one of the larger all in one services offered by the big retailers. These are hassle free but can work out very expensive, can take months to complete and you’re also limited to what fabric you can choose. The alternative is a little more involved, but it needn’t be daunting. You can follow the advice below and save yourself quite a lot of money, get the look you really want, meet the actual curtain maker rather than a saleswoman and what’s even better? You don’t need to wait months for your curtains!

curtain-fabric-selby-soft-furnishingsAlternatively If you’re competent with a sewing machine and are looking to make some curtains for your home, this post is for you too.

There are a very wide range of curtain fabrics on the market these days, with prices to suit most pockets. Curtain fabric can be plain or patterned, starting from as little as £3 per metre. One of my favourite websites for fabric is Selby Soft Furnishings. They offer a nice range of fabrics, great lining cloth, free samples and have a great service to boot.

If you buy a plain fabric you will have no wastage as there is no pattern to match. Most curtain fabrics will need a lining and header tape so you will need to budget for these in your overall costs as well. If you prefer a floral or abstract curtain fabric, order more to account for the pattern match. Floral curtain fabric looks great in long curtains, the pattern will look eye catching.

Whatever fabric you choose, remember it’s a long term decision. The next time you decorate will be the time you will replace your curtains. With this in mind choose a fabric that you like and compliments the current decoration well. Be careful not to make a rash decision in your choice of curtain fabric, once you have hung them you are going to have to live with them. Don’t rush, make sure you are happy with your choice of curtain fabric before cutting into it.

It’s always safer if you have spent a larger amount of money on the curtain fabric to employ a professional curtain maker to put your curtains together for you. It will take the pressure off when you receive the fabric. Confidence is the all important when making any home furnishings, so be sure to take your time, measure and measure again, check the pattern match if applicable and ensure the length is correct there is some allowance for hems.

When choosing a curtain fabric again, take your time in your selection and request a sample of the fabric. Ensure the fabric matches your budget and that there is enough of the fabric available. Don’t forget to remember the additional purchases such as curtain lining, header tape and any charges from your curtain maker if applicable.


All of this should give you some idea of the total outlay and potential pitfalls from buying curtain fabric and having your own bespoke curtains made.


Curtains Attract Attention Make Yours Attractive With The Right Curtain Fabric

Patterns, plains, floral, the choice is huge. Whether the curtain fabric is for curtains in your lounge, sitting room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, there are curtain fabrics to suit your taste, decorations and of course your budget. None of these rooms are complete without curtains, they complete the room.

On waking in the morning our first action is to open the curtains and let a new day begin, the outside world enters our lives. iliv curtain fabricWhat’s the weather got in store for us today?  At the end of a long day, we close the curtains shutting out the cold darkness.

A nice flowing floral curtain fabric looks great in the bedroom, or if you tastes are more minimalist a plain curtain fabric would be perfect. In the bedroom it is always advisable to line your curtains with a thermal black out curtain lining, thus cutting out the first signs of daybreak (so you know you can sleep for another hour at least) as well keeping warmth inside the room during those cold nights.

In the kitchen, the curtain fabric can be as lively as you like. Cotton is the ideal choice for this room as they can be washed and dried quickly with ease. That way you’ll have them back up at your windows within the day.

The dining room is a bit more formal. A plain chenille or velvet curtain fabric would be the most suitable for this room. The dining room chairs would also look well with their seats upholstered in the same fabric as your curtains. This will give the dining room a finished look.

contemporary-curtainsThe lounge  or sitting room is the room for set aside for watching TV or just to rest at the end of a long busy day. The choice of curtains for this room depends on what you have in decoration. If you have gone for a traditional look a floral jacquard will set the room off beautifully. If your upholstery in the room is plain, you can choose a patterned curtain fabric that will compliment the plain upholstery. An abstract design could also work well depending on your upholstery. The desired effect is to compliment the decoration of the lounge and your curtain fabric is meant to do just that.

Always remember that it is important that you choose a curtain fabric you love because you will have to live with it for some time, or at least until you do another makeover that is!

Choosing The Perfect Curtain Fabric

Nice CurtainsWhen choosing the right curtain fabric in order to make your own curtains, you have many factors to consider.  Not only do you have to think about your personal preferences, but you also have to think about the purpose of your curtains as well as in which room they will decorate.  You also need to consider the windows that need treatment and how well the curtains will work in their allotted space.

For instance, cotton may be the most obvious choice as well as one of the most common.  Cotton is also one of the least expensive choices, which works well for someone on a budget.  In some cases, cotton may be easy to care for, but cotton curtains may need to be dry cleaned depending upon any type of treatment so that you do not ruin any dye jobs, embroidery or other decorative accents.  Some cotton fabrics can cost as little as about £5 per metre while some may be pricier at around £100 a metre

You may also consider other curtain fabric if you prefer different looks such as mink or silk.  In many cases, you can find curtains made of polyester that has a silky, mink appearance.  These fabrics are usually washable in cold water and tend to be more expensive than cotton fabrics.  Faux silk fabrics can also be pricey, but they give an elegant look to your curtains.  You may also choose silk fabric, which may not be as pricey as you may think.

Sheer drapery fabric is another choice you can consider when you need curtains that serve more of a decorative function.  With these fabrics, you need to take greater care when handling them.  These fabrics can also range in price like cotton fabrics.  You may also need to take the opposite role and find fabric for blackout curtains when you need to darken a room such as a nursery or a dark room completely.

Of course, other factors to consider when you are choosing a curtain fabric include colour, size and cost.  While you definitely want to find colours you like, you also want to make sure you find something that goes with your existing or planned décor.  You should also make sure you find the fabric that fits within your budget so you can get enough fabric.  You do not want to run out of fabric before you have finished making your curtains.