Custom Home Decor On A Tight Budget – Clearance Fabrics

cushion-selbyReupholstering furniture is a great way to bring life to old furnishings. Professional upholstery services however can be expensive. There are ways you can save money while still getting the high end, designer look you crave. Buying end of line fabrics will allow you to buy the fabric design you love for a fraction of the price. The only downside to this approach is availability as certain fabrics may be limited in lengths, designs and colours.

For the creative, end of line fabrics are also great way to combine luxury fabrics to create a bespoke look. Even if the end of the roll only holds a metre or two of upholstery fabric, you can still use it to craft beautiful scatter cushions to complement your existing designs. Be sure you measure your upholstery projects before you buy clearance or end of line fabrics since they are often limited in their availability and you do not want to find out there is not enough fabric after you start your project!

Cheap upholstery fabric doesn’t automatically mean lower quality. End of line fabrics, clearance, bankrupt stock are often described as discount upholstery fabric, however the quality of the fabrics is not the reason why these fabrics are priced lower. Some will come direct from the weavers themselves who may have produced too large a quantity or the design is no longer a running line.  Other fabrics may come from large furniture outlets that are no longer selling the furniture that featured that design of cloth.

Fabrics such as these are perfect for small or even large jobs and will suit the hobbyist all the way to upholstery professional. Why pay the additional price for a current line fabric when a variety of equally or even superior fabrics are available for a mere fraction of the price?